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The Ultimate Guide to Footwear for the Workplace

At All Clothing & Protection, we understand that the right footwear is essential for both comfort and safety in the workplace. Our extensive Footwear category caters to a range of needs, from safety requirements to everyday wear. Dive into our collection, where style meets functionality, and discover how our footwear is designed to provide the utmost comfort and protection in demanding work environments.

Types of Workwear Footwear

At All Clothing, we offer a wide range of both non-safety and safety footwear for men and women. Our collection includes:

Safety Footwear

When it comes to safety in the workplace, having the right footwear is non-negotiable. Our Safety Footwear collection encompasses a variety of options designed to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

Safety Shoes

Our safety shoes are crafted with precision, offering protection without compromising style. Perfect for those who need safety features without the bulk of boots, these shoes come with reinforced toes and anti-slip soles, ensuring you can confidently navigate your work environment.

Safety Trainers

For a blend of comfort and safety, our safety trainers are a popular choice. Ideal for those whose work demands agility, these trainers boast protective features such as steel toes and anti-static properties while maintaining a sporty and casual appearance.

Safety Boots

Our safety boots are the epitome of durability and protection. Available in various styles, including rigger boots and steel-toe boots, these options are perfect for demanding environments. Rigger boots provide additional ankle support, while steel-toe boots ensure your feet are shielded from heavy objects.

ESD Footwear

In industries where electrostatic discharge poses a risk, our Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) footwear comes to the rescue. These shoes are designed to dissipate static electricity, protecting both the wearer and sensitive equipment.

Wellington Boots

When it comes to wet and challenging conditions, our Wellington boots are the go-to choice. Waterproof and durable, these boots keep you comfortable and protected in various outdoor and industrial settings.

Anti-Slip Footwear

Navigating slippery surfaces is a breeze with our anti-slip footwear. Engineered with advanced grip technology, these shoes and boots offer stability and reduce the risk of accidents in slippery environments. The rubber soles typically found on anti-slip boots, shoes and trainers provide a solid & secure platform.

Non-Safety Footwear

Not all work environments require safety features, but comfort and style are always appreciated. Our Non-Safety Footwear collection combines fashion with functionality for those looking for everyday footwear that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Stylish and Durable Shoes and Trainers

Our range of stylish shoes and trainers brings together fashion and durability. Crafted from high-quality materials, these options are perfect for casual work environments or everyday wear. Whether you’re in the office or out for a stroll, you can count on comfort and style.

Smart Boots and Occupational Footwear

For a more polished look, our smart boots and occupational footwear offer sophistication without sacrificing comfort. Ideal for workplaces where a professional appearance is key, these options provide the support your feet need throughout the day.

Clogs and Slip-ons

When convenience is a priority, our clogs and slip-ons are the perfect choice. Easy to wear and remove, these options are ideal for those who need a hassle-free solution without compromising on comfort.

Top Brands Footwear

Alongside our workwear favourites we also offer some desirable fashion brand footwear, including NIKE, SKECHERS, COTSWOLD, CROCS and AMBLERS.


Benefits of Workwear-specific Footwear

Workplace footwear ranges are designed to perform with a range of benefits, including:


Our footwear is designed to seamlessly transition from the workplace to everyday scenarios, ensuring you’re always comfortable and stylish.


Whether you’re on a construction site or in a corporate office, our safety footwear provides the necessary protection, from reinforced toes to anti-slip features. If working with chemicals for example, its vital that your footwear meets industry safety standards so you can be confident that you are fully protected. Thanks to our extensive range you can find footwear options that will keep you safe no matter your industry sector.


Crafted from high-quality materials, our footwear is built to last, withstanding the rigours of demanding work environments.


We understand that long hours on your feet require comfortable footwear. Our collection prioritizes comfort without compromising on safety features.


With a diverse range of styles and designs, our footwear not only meets safety standards but also ensures you look good while doing your job.


Step confidently into any work environment with All Clothing & Protection’s Footwear collection. From safety shoes and boots to stylish trainers and everyday wear, our footwear is engineered to provide the comfort, protection, and style you need. Explore our collection today and experience the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality.


Scruffs HYDRA Black Safety Boot

The Scruffs Hydra Black Safety Boots is a performance boot that boasts a fully waterproof rating and plenty of safety and comfort features to ensure your feet stay warm and protected all day long.

Features include: • High spec S3 waterproof mid-ankle safety boot • Aluminium toe & composite midplate provide lightweight, flexible protection from sole penetration • Underfoot shock absorption & Poron® sock for extra cushioning • Padded tongue & collar for extra comfort​ • Slip resistant for safe working

From £71.95 Excl. VAT

scruffs hydra black safety boots