Stitch Count Per Item
Up to 5000 £3.00
5000-6000 £3.20
6000-7000 £3.50
7000-8000 £3.70
8000-9000 £3.90
9000-10,000 £4.10
10,000-11,000 £4.50
11,000-12,000 £4.90
12,000-13,000 £5.30
13,000-14,000 £5.70
14,000-15,000 £6.10
Artwork Digitisation (one off) £25.00

*Design/logo over 15,000 charged at £0.40 per 1,000 stitches.

The best clothing personalisation choice based on our expertise

Are you looking for high-quality logo embroidery on your corporate clothing? Having your logo on your workwear enhances the overall look and feel of your business, instantly giving the right impression to potential customers and others within the industry. Generally speaking, embroidered garments look more professional and the embroidery itself will last longer and remain for the life of the garment. In some circumstances, heat sealing can be a better option if the artwork is very complex or the garments are more temporary or limited lifespan items.

At All Clothing, we can digitise your own logo and transfer it to the garments of your choice.

Looking to improve your corporate image with our embroidery service? Contact us today.

Quality embroidery personalisation for workwear


Garments (Qty) Small¹ Front (one colour) Large² Back (one colour) Small¹ Front (multi-colour) Large² Back (multi-colour)
1-25 £2.00 £3.00 £2.80 £3.90
26-50 £1.90 £2.70 £2.60 £3.60
51-100 £1.80 £2.50 £2.40 £3.00
101-300 £1.70 £2.30 £2.20 £2.70
301-500 £1.60 £2.00 £2.00 £2.40
500-999 £1.30 £1.70 £1.70 £2.00
1000+ £1.00 £1.20 £1.20 £1.60
Artwork setup (one off): £15.00

¹Small is for artwork less than 125mm wide.
²Large is for artwork over 125mm and up to 350mm.

*Prices may differ depending on the complexity of the design/logo.

Heat Transfer or Heat Sealing

This is a fast and effective way of customising your garments. We can produce heat sealed logos in house to a wide range of sizes and styles. Printed logos like these can include more complex graphics such as gradients and more photographic imagery.

Heat seal graphics are more commonly applied to shorter lifespan Hi Viz garments such as waistcoats or jackets but can generally be applied to any garment. Simply send us your logo by email and let us know where you would like it to be positioned and we will take care of the rest.

Please read the price matrix table for illustrative costs of heat seal logos.


Extra Personalisation Options

Screen Printing:

This process is more commonly used for tee shirt printing using a unique process where colour is applied directly on to the garment. You can print an array of designs large or small in many colours often used for high volume orders where a quick turnaround is required. We work with our manufacturing partners to deliver high quality screen printed garments for your organisation.

Prices start from as little as £1.50 per logo.

Logo Design Service

If you do not currently have a logo, don’t worry – we have a skilled in house design department who specialise in logo development and design. However, if this isn’t something you’re looking into for now, we can also simply embroider plain text with your company name, in a range of different colours to enhance your corporate image.

Logo Design Service available at ALL CLOTHING

Hassle free ordering process made simple

We believe that the ordering of personalised garments should be simple and stress free for our customers, this is why we will not ask you to fill out any complicated order forms or ask you how many stitches your logo has. We will analyse your logo and give you a clear cost for your order.

We can send orders to anywhere in the UK and as long as your order is over £95.00 we will deliver it for FREE!

Add your logo

“We offer a quick and easy way to customise your uniforms and workwear to ensure your team look professional, all in-house.
Once we have your logo set up on our system, repeat orders can be turned around in a matter of days ” – All Clothing