3.5T LGV Vehicle and Driver ADR Kit

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This kit contains everything required for LGVs (up to 3.5T) to comply with the ADR regulations for carrying any hazard class.*

Full ADR Kit in 85L kit bag. Containing:

  • Gloves,
  • Eyewash x 2,
  • Chemical suit,
  • Goggles,
  • Respirator with ABEK filters,
  • Safety wellington boots,
  • Hazard warning triangles x2,
  • Hi-vis waist coat,
  • Neoprene drain seal/cover,
  • 2-part anti-static shovel,
  • Safety torch including batteries,
  • Microlite torch x 2 including batteries,
  • Waste disposal bags & ties x 2
  • First aid kit

Also included:

  • 2x 2kg Dry powder extinguisher with vehicle brackets; one fitted in the back and one in the cab.
  • 20L Chemical spill kit
  • 2x Folding Hazchem Sign 300x400mm
  • Instructions in Writing 2011

* Except explosives and radioactive products which would require additional placards.


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